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What are the benefits.

Benefits of association.

•A reputable covering to minster under.

• A network of like-minded, pro-level ministers.

• Access to pastor Glen’s 40+ years of ministry experience by means of;

• Private online meetings with you and your leaders

• Access to Pastor Glen’s pastoral team (15 experienced, vetted minsters and directors of various areas)

• A free membership to Pastor Glen’s number one leadership resource Leader University ($249 value)

• Deeply discounted ministry resources

Available resources.


The Leader All Compass Planner, was developed to give Christ-focused leaders a way to plan out their day, set goals, and most importantly put God first. Using this planner will help you become the leader God has called you to be. I have added scriptures and quotes throughout this planner to encourage you every day.


One thing is needed more than a platform, power, state-of-the- art sound, lights and conferences. It is wisdom. My life has been dedicated to teach and to impart the practical with the powerful. To see ministry principles converted to growth. This book was not written by a therapist but a practitioner. We all have dreams, but the ladder to reach them is a mystery.  I am putting on these pages timeless ministry concepts that will help your dreams become reality. The devil will not own this generation of youth. This is a book that moves your ministry from the rest home to revolution.


This 300 page book is a map to building a powerful prayer and deliverance ministry. You will learn:

  • How to discern and recognize 24 spirits
  • How to pray for deliverance for yourself and others
  • How to get free from fear
  • How to keep your deliverance
  • How to break free from generational curses
  • For ministry leaders: How to build and Altar Army


Online leadership training from Pastor Glen himself and the pastors from The House Church. Leader University discusses topics like:

  • How Do You Find Your Calling?
  • How To Guard Against Burnout
  • When To Promote Someone
  • How To Stretch Your Team
  • Building Vision Before Resources
  • And much more!

Also, a 50% discount at

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